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The New Peak team helped us analyze data from multiple streaming services allowing us to make real time decisions on content streaming.


IT Communications & Training Manager, Mount Auburn Hospital

SharePoint Intranets

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Incorporate your Brand & Culture

Your company’s intranet can help spark employee engagement, multi-level collaborations and community, and boost productivity and belief in the organization’s culture and policies.

It can’t just be another workplace platform. It needs to reflect the company’s personality, purpose, and values. It has to make communication more effective, improve processes, organize assets, and support your employees’ work.

I believe the purpose of an intranet homepage is to provide quick access to what employees need the most. This includes: apps and tools employees access most frequently or day-to-day, critical communication and easy navigation to get to more resources.

On top of that, I want it to look great and be simple to manage content.

When you open a page and see exactly what you’re looking for, right there in front of you, doesn’t that feel great?

Eugene Clynes

Partner, New Peak Solutions

Modern Design

Compelling and beautiful SharePoint sites and pages can reall help your Intranet pop.  Our modern look and feel engages users and distinguishes the content.

Out of the box Microsoft just gives too few options and results in messy pages.  On top of that, most content needs to be managed on the page.  A no-no.  Only designers should have access to page, not content creators.

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Our site was tired and stale.  We had it rebuilt and it looked better (at the begining).  We quickly found out it was not scalable and by adding more content the site became completely out of synch.  We then found New Peak and found the site we wanted.  Scrolling widgets!!!  Who would have thought.


IT Director, Global Resources

Easily Find Information

The Intranet homepage should provide your employees with great content, news and communications and common applications, files and links.

It should be simple and intuitive for employees to quickly find all the information they need.

Add a little more content here

Make this common resources image a GIF

Many departments in our company such as Human Resources and  Information Technology spent numerous hours responding to user requests just to find information they needed.  Now all our employees know to simply type away in Common Resources to find the information they need.  We have saved hundreds of hours in unneeded emails.

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Simple Content Management

We don’t stop at making content easy to find for our users.  We make it just as easy for you to update and manage content on the Intranet homepage.

Using simple SharePoint lists as our content management system.  Dynmically adding content to the homepage is as simple as filling out a few fields.

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Managing content has been easy

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What else?

Of course an Intranet is more than a great homepage.  When we begin having conversations we will discuss

  • Department & Teams site
  • Documents & Files
  • Collaboration
  • Security & Permissions
  • And much more…




Next Steps

Unlike a lot of our competitors, we do not limit you to a 30 minute free consultation.  We have dedicated people who will spend time understanding your requirements in detail.

We are here to form long term relationships and be a trusted partner.

Once you contact us we will schedule a call where


  • we will get to know each other (I promise we are very nice).
  • chat about your current SharePoint solution (if you have one).
  • discuss your hopes and dreams for the future (Dreams can come true).
  • demo of our solution and our thoughts on next steps.

A pleasure to work with from start to finish. 

We researched various vendors online and narrowed it down to 3. We had informational interviews and sought presentations from all 3. In the end New Peaks’ presentation impressed us the most. 

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Our Process

Analysis & Planning

Scope the solution to meet your specific requirements, timeline and budget. Tailored to your needs.

Design & Develop

Work with your key stakeholders to meet timelines and milestones to achieve your business goals.

Test & Deploy

Fully test, secure, and deploy the solution to your environment.  Launch!!!

Training & Documentation

Provide all of the training and documentation the necessary users.

Support & Guidance

Future support for the solution if required or desired.

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