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The New Peak team helped us analyze data from multiple streaming services allowing us to make real time decisions on content streaming.


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Improve decision making

Our Power BI consultants are part of our Business Improvements team.  We take a holistic view of your business to help drive better processes and decisions.

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Increase operational efficiency

Improve decision making

Increase competitive advantages

Accelerate new sales and revenues

Enhance business processes

Our Power BI Services

Power BI overview

Using easy-to-use dashboards, vivid data visualizations and interactive reports, our Power BI consultants can assist you analyzing a broad range of data.  Harnessing this data can greatly improve decision-making and drive better business results.

Quickly and easily analyze you data in a meaningful way to help dive action and insights.


Connect to multiple data sources

Unify your data from any data source to help make business decisions.  Bring cloud and on-premise content together from your main solutions such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle etc. to provide the insights you need.


Create deeper insights

Our Power BI consulting team can help you find and explore insights from your reports such as trends, anomalies and even KPI analysis on the data.  We can proactively notify users on interesting insights and give explanations for those insights.

These insights give you the ability to make educated decisions on your business data holistically.

Data Transformation

When presenting data from multiple sources, there is typically a need to transform the data.  This transformation provides consistency across the data sources.

Power Query is a tool that has an incredible amount of features that help us prepare and clean your data for analysis. 


Re-use Datasets

A strong Power BI feature is the ability to create measures in the data model and then be able to re-use them across multiple connected reports.  By defining these central datasets you can ensure “Net Profit” and “Sales Revenue” return consistent results across all your reports and dashboards.


Personalized Dashboards

Allows us to define groups and roles and display information relevant to them.  There are times “Sales” should be viewing data that helps with their jobs while “Manufacturing” should be viewing a different set of data.

This allows us build a centralized dashboard and segment it into customized / personalized versions for different groups.


Additional Power BI Features

Mobile Friendly

Power BI offers a feature-rich set of applicaions for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices.

Your employees can view mobile responsive visualizations and reports and share insights with colleagues all within the mobile apps.

Auto Data Refresh

Power BI provides a scheduled refresh feature that automates the process of refreshing your data.

No longer do you need to go through the tedious and manual report updates. By accurately and quickly refreshing your datasets, insights can be simply shown and shared amongst your team.


Power BI compresses your data allowing us to extract insights from large datasets. With a well-defined data model we can analyze datasets containing more than 100 million records.

Power BI Premium also allows us to store even larger datasets in a dedicated cloud Power BI Premium instance. This enables even faster refresh and query time capabilities.

Our Process

Analysis & Planning

Scope the solution to meet your specific requirements, timeline and budget. Tailored to your needs.

Design & Develop

Work with your key stakeholders to meet timelines and milestones to achieve your business goals.

Test & Deploy

Fully test, secure, and deploy the solution to your environment.  Launch!!!

Training & Documentation

Provide all of the training and documentation the necessary users.

Support & Guidance

Future support for the solution if required or desired.

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